LightPressPro Theme Documentation

Getting started

Installing the theme

  • Select the Appearance panel ->  Themes.
  • Click on add new theme.
  • Then click on upload theme.
  • Click on choose file locate theme in your computer.
  • Select and click install and activate now.

Creating Page

  • Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New.
  • Set the title, add the contents and add featured image (if you want).
  • If you want sidebar, just select the template “Page with sidebar”.
  • Publish the page. Add more in the similar way.

Creating Posts

  • Go to Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New.
  • Set the title, add the contents and media files, set featured image.
  • Select the category and in case if you have not added any category in your theme. You can see “Add New Category” in categories section.
  • Click “Add New Category” and give name to the category and click on “Add New Category” button.
  • Check the category you like and Save.

Theme Customization

Typography Options

  • From Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->  Customize section, go to Typography Options -> Typography.
  • There you can see “Choose Font Family” and there are various options in drop down.. Select one of theme and “Save & Publish”.


Footer Options

  • From Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->  Customize section, go to Footer Options -> Footer Copyright.
  • From there you find a text box, write your footer copyright content here and  “Save & Publish”.


Blog Options 

  • From Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->  Customize section, go to Blog Options -> Blog Sidebar.
  • From there you find a checkbox, select the checkbox to apply sidebar on blog posts and  “Save & Publish”.

Site Identity

  • From Admin Dashboard -> Appearance  -> Customize section, go to Site Identity.
  • From Site Identity you will be able to add various option related to site identity like:
    • Site Logo: You can add your own logo from here. Click on “Select Logo” button, choose your logo and adjust its size. Your logo will be displayed on the website.
    • Site Title: Add the main site title of the site from here.
    • Tagline: It changes the tagline (i.e Description) of the site. Just below the site title.
    • Display Site Title and Tagline:This enables/disables the site title and tagline from the site.
    • Site Icon:The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. The icon must be square, and at least.


  • Header Text Color: Allows you to select the color for the header text.
  • Background Color: Allows you to change the background color.
  • Theme Color: Allows you to change the color of the theme.
  • Header Background Color: Allows you to change the background color of the header.


Header Image

You can add an image that displays on the header of the website from here.

  • Current Header: Click on “Add new image” and select and adjust image. Set image as background of header.
  • Hide image: You will see this option after adding image and it will hide your background image.
  • Add new image: Allows you to add more images.
  • Randomize Uploaded Headers: Previously uploaded images can be displayed randomly as the background image.


Background Image

  • From the Customize section, go to Background Image.
  • From Background Image you will see:
  • Background Image: This will change the background image of the whole site.
  • Preset:This will give you many choices to display your background image.
  • Image Position:It will manage the position of the background image.
  • Repeat Background image: On checking on the check box here, it will repeat background image.
  • Scroll with page: On checking in the given checkbox, the background image will scroll with page.


Managing Menu

  • From Customize section, go to Menus.
  • From Menuclick on ‘Add on Menu’ button and you will be able to create a menu.
  • Now you need to add items to this created menu.



  • From Customize section, go to Widgets  -> Footer.
  • From there you can add widgets like Search, Recent Posts, Meta, Archives etc.


Static Front Page Options

  • From Customize section, go to Static Front Page.
  • From Static Front Page, you will see:
    • Front page displays: Select one of the two options in order to display the static content or latest content in your front page.
    • Front Page: Select a page that you want to set as front page. You can add new page by clicking on Add New Page and set that as front page.
    • Posts Page: Select a page that you want to set as posts page. You can add new page by clicking on Add New Page and set that as post page.


Add Custom CSS

  • From Customizesection, Additional CSS.
  • From Additional CSS, you will be able to add your own CSS