HousePress Theme Documentation

How to install HousePress

  1. Select the Appearance panel, Themes.
  2. Click on add new theme.
  3. Then click on upload theme.
  4. Click on choose file locate theme in your computer.
  5. Select and click install now.

How to manage Site Title, logo, tagline and Site icon?

  1. From Admin Dashboard-> Appearance -> Customize section go to Site Identity.
  2. From Site Identity you will be able to add various option related to site identity like:
    • Site Logo: It changes the main logo of the site.
    • Site Title: It changes the main site title of the site.
    • Tagline: It changes the tagline (i.e Description) of the site. Just below the site title.
    • Display Site Title and Tagline:This enables/disables the site title and tagline from the site.
    • Site Icon:The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. The icon must be square, and at least

How to manage Colors?

  1. From Customize section, go to
  2. From Colors,you will be able to change options like:
  • Header Text Color: This changes the header text color of your site.
  • Background Color: This changes the background color of your site.


 How to manage Header Image

  1. From Customize section, go to Header Image.
  2. From the Header Image, you will be able to make changes in:
  • Current Header Image: The header image that you have currently set. Click on Add new image to select new from media gallery.
  • Previously Uploaded:The header image that you have previously uploaded.
  • Randomize Uploaded Headers:The header images that you have uploaded changes randomly in different pages.

How to manage Background Image

  1. From the Customize section, go to Background Image.
  2. From Background Image you will see:
  • Background Image: This will change the background image of the whole site.
  • Preset:This will give you many choices to display your background image.
  • Image Position:It will manage the position of the background image.

How to add Menu?

  1. From Customize section, go to Menus.
  2. From Menu click on ‘Add on Menu’ button and you will be able to create a menu. For example: below image shows Primary Menu.
  • Now you need to add items to this created menu.

How to modify created Menu?

  1. From Customize section, go to Menus
  2. From Menus, click on a particular menu you want to edit and you will be able to see the created menu, options to reorder and add menu items.
  3. Display Location: Deciding where to display your menu.
  4. Menu Options: Checking the box will add top level pages to current menu automatically.

How to add widgets?

  1. From Customize section, go to
  2. From Widgets, you will see:
  • Sidebar: Add the widget of your choice in order to display in right side of your web page.  You also can reorder the widgets.

How to make static front page?

  1. From Customize section, go to Static Front Page.
  2. From Static Front Page, you will see:
  • Front page displays: Select one of the two options in order to display the static content or latest content in your front page.
  • Front Page: Select a page that you want to set as front page. You can add new page by clicking on Add New Page and set that as front page.
  • Posts Page: Select a page that you want to set as posts page. You can add new page by clicking on Add New Page and set that as post page.

How to add your own Custom CSS?

  1. From Customize section, Additional CSS.
  2. From Additional CSS, you will be able to add your own CSS.

Note: Click “Save and Publish” Button to enable all the changes you did.